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Invisible Fencing Boundaries

We Offer 3 Professional Grade, Fence Systems (Standard, Plus and Premium). All Our Fences Come With a Life Time Guarantee on the Transmitter and Collars

Endless Boundary

Our Endless Boundary configuration offers your dog the freedom to walk right up to the inside edge of the buried perimeter wire, providing them with about 30% more yard space compared to a standard boundary system.

If your dog challenges containment and crosses the buried wire, they will receive an audible warning. If they continue, they will receive a correction until they return to the safety of the yard. This setup is ideal for stubborn dogs and smaller yards, ensuring their safety while allowing them to enjoy more space to roam.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Endless Boundary can benefit you and your pet.

Traditional Boundary

With our traditional boundary, we can create a boundary width ranging from 10' to 32'. This means that when your dog enters the zone, they will receive a quick audible tone as a warning to return to the safety of their yard. If they remain in the zone, they will receive a mild correction until they leave the zone.

This configuration is perfect for ensuring your dog stays within a specific area of your property, providing them with a safe and secure space to play. Contact us now to find out more about how our traditional boundaries can benefit you and your furry friend.

Our Offerings

Fencing Layouts

Fencing Layouts

Standard Loop

Our Standard Loop installation provides your dog with the freedom to explore within a designated area while ensuring they stay safe and …
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Pinched Loop

With our Pinched Loop configuration, you can have more control over your dog's play area outside. This setup restricts your dog's movement …
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Backyard Loop

Our Backyard Loop installation is designed to limit your dog's access to only the backyard, providing them with a safe and secure space to …
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Water Drop Loop

Enjoy the flexibility of a standard loop with our Water Drop Loop configuration. This setup includes a "water drop" around a dock, …
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Stand-Alone Loop

Our Stand-Alone Loop is perfect for large yards where you want to keep your dog away from specific areas, such as flower beds or new …
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Horseshoe Loop

The Horseshoe Loop is an ideal configuration for homes on large waterfront properties. It provides an alternative setup for your invisible …
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Support After Installation and Training

Follow-up Visits

We want you to be a fan of your new hidden dog fence. At Superior Dog Fence, we follow up with you via check-in calls or visits to see how training is going and address any questions or concerns you may have had since the day of installation. You'll always get personalized, individual customer service from us.

We will always be there for you via phone, texts, or follow-up visits—after all, you are part of the Superior Dog Fence family now!

Superior Dog Fence is a safe, affordable alternative to expensive, traditional wood, or unsightly chain-link fences. It uses a veterinarian-approved combination of dog training and state-of-the-art electronics to safely train your dog to his new boundaries.

Guaranteed for Life

We stand behind all our products and services. Our transmitters and collars are made to last, providing you with years of worry-free service. If for any reason you have any concerns, we will be there for you to make it right. Our goal is to keep you happy and keep your dog safe.

We use the same technology as well-known national brands but at significant savings! You get a premium, commercial-grade product at a great price. Why would you pay more for the same protection? Call Superior Dog Fence today! 


Repairing Your Specialty Pet Fence Wire

After the installation, your system will give you years of reliable service.

However, sometimes life throws you a curve ball in a form of an aggressive landscaper, an unexpected utility repair, planting/removal of a tree/shrub, or even Mother Nature can be a cause of a break in the continuity of the buried pet fence wire.  

At this time your transmitter will be alerting you of the break in the line with a loud, continuous, beeping tone. Now you will need to have the buried line located, and the line break professionally repaired.  

Don't Worry! We can help!  

We repair all brands of hidden fences. Beit our system, or a competitors' system, we are here to repair your break.  

We will locate the line break, professionally repair the break, and get your system back up and running for you ASAP

Do Not wait around weeks on some company's repair list - Your Dog's Safety is Too Important!